About this Blog


Rarely Functional serves the one main function that every soul on earth is meant to serve. Its purpose is so divine, so true to human nature, that you can practically see a halo over your laptop. Rarely functional is the utlimate truth you can ever come across. Its the only place where I find myself speaking the truth.

OK. Jokes apart..Rarely Functional is a blog that deals with the nitty gritty of my daily exsistence. I don’t have a specific topic in mind to write about, I have millions. So yes, I might end up talking about anything and everything under one roof.


For anyone and everyone who surfs the internet. If you love ranting about stuff or find someone who rants all day quite amusing, then congrats mate! This Blog is for YOU!!!


The author of this blog is me (Swati Verma) right now. I am design professional with 5+ years of experience, working for a leading mobile app development company based in Noida, India. I am heading a team of 20+ creative professional, a fact that gives me tremendous pride.


You can call me anything but I respond best to “Hey Swati!”

I have two younger brothers, all of us are born on 28th.

Dad and Mom are born on 29th and 30th. My hubby is born on 27th.

I am NOT a believer in numerology. But I love to see people in befuddle state when I mention the above fact.

I love design and right now I love politics too. Considering the fact that they don’t mix in one personality type, you can say I have a split personality depending upon my mood.

I am big fan of superhero movies. Die hard fan of Avengers and Robert Downey Jr. Lately have a crush on Tom Hiddleston.

I am addicted to reading horoscopes even though I know that nothing they say is ever true.