Rarely Functional: Trusting a leader’s vision

Two days back, we celebrated Gandhi Jayanti. The same day was also marked by celebrating Lal Bhadur Shastri’s birthday. And the same day was also picked up by our honorable prime minister- Shri Narendra Modi to launch “Swach Bharat Mission”. The mission did took media by storm (both social and electronic) and we could literally see celebrities and common man coming forward with brooms and dust pans on road. The positive media coverage did annoyed the “AAPtards” and the “Conmen” alike, since it was not the first time the topic was raised. But yes, it was indeed the first time that everyone was aligned with the same vision. This is how one of my favorite facebook pages had to say about the whole thing.

The Frustated Indian making a point.

The Frustated Indian making a point.

Take note that this is coming from once an ardent AAP follower who was shown dreams of a corruption free india, a safer india for women and children alike..but there is a difference between showing a dream and formulating a vision. There is a very thin line between dreams and vision. Dreams are sometimes in their essence just an inspiration to follow a vision. They are flawed and they are sometimes impractical. A vision on the other hand is years of careful planning, hardwork and involves not one but many. A dream acts as an inspiration but it is the vision that actually establishes itself in reality.

Though a vision involves many, it needs a leader. A leader who can formulate the dreams of many into a vision. Who can define a road map, who can inspire people, who can win trust, who have and will always follow moral ethics no matter how hard the circumstances may seem like. And it is this leader we can place our trust in. I am not a ardent Modi Bhakt, but the whole point of using the “modi analogy” was to distinguish between a predator and a leader. And I think those of us who were trapped in “Modi v/s Kejriwaal” debate at one point, could identify the most.

What do you think?



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