Rarely Functional: Indian Politicians and Voters

Its no secret.

As I sat down today to watch the fourth episode of Satyamev Jayate, a show that needs no introduction to indian diaspora, I knew what he was gonna talk about. I probably knew it from the day they started showing trailers.

You see, Aamir Khan, the show’s host generally leaves you guessing what his next episode is going to be all about. He plays with words in such a manner, you are left with no other option than to embark on a creative quest of sorts. And by creative quest, all I mean is getting the household work done till 11 am, just in time to tune into the show.

But this time, the enigmatic actor was probably not clever enough. Or maybe we all knew deep in our hearts, what is the secret he is going to reveal in his next episode. Before you move ahead, take a look at the tweet below from the show’s official twitter channel to know what I had been talking about till now.

Well to be really honest, it was not Mr. Aamir Khan that encouraged me to create a blog and write something on it. It was the raw message of the show. Though there have been other brilliant episodes that the show has delivered in both season 1 and 2, today’s episode was one which actually outlined the root cause of all other social evils in our society.

And with this lets spell out the root cause for these social evils.

Indian politicians and voters are rarely functional.

There I said it. I did my job. I ranted it all out. No point going into details about it and boring you with the same old stuff. Something that you might have debated a lot many times with your collegues over endless tea breaks. (Well I did!)

But lets think about it. I did the ranting. I criticised the ones who don’t bother to vote and go on blabbering about how india is way behind in the league and I voted. I went to the polling booth, I voted for the candidate that seemed best than the rest. Now lets wait for five years and see what happens next. Its probably this attitude that makes our system rarely functional.

While the ones who don’t care, go on not caring; the ones who do care, put themselves on the waiting mode. And probably after few scams get revealed, loose their faith and go on the “I don’t care” mode till next general elections. Well this is exactly where Aamir’s show becomes an eye opener. From RTI to Public Services Grievances Bill, there are number of methods in our constitution that can help us keep our elected representives on check.

2014 General Elections are game changer for indian politicians and for indian voters too. But the need of the hour is not to just go and cast our vote. The need of the hour is make sure, we don’t loose the zeal we feel in the air these days. Never has young and old talked about the same thing at the same time. Never before the common man (No, not Mr. Khujliwaal) come to streets to protest against the most gruesome crime on streets.

That in itself speaks a lot. I don’t think I need to rant more



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